August 2018

Paedophile sexually abused child by putting sweets on his groin and telling her to suck them

A paedophile sexually abused an eight-year-old child by offering her sweets from his backpack and putting them on his groin.

Cardiff Crown Court heard when the girl objected to the abuse Brian Slee said it was “tough” and told her she would not get any ice cream if she did not do what she was told.

When she was interviewed by the police, the victim – who cannot be named for legal reasons – described the sweet as a “sucky pop”.

Suzanne Thomas, prosecuting, said the offending happened in September last year.

The court heard Slee took a sweet out of his backpack, covered his groin area with a cloth, put the sweet there and told the child to suck it.

Prosecutors said the girl told police he had shown her videos of his phone of other children doing the same thing.

The court heard the girl said she did not want to do that and Slee told her it was “tough”, adding she would not get any ice cream if she did not do what she was told.

Ms Thomas said the victim told her mother what had happened and her mother was “distraught”.

The girl was interviewed by the police and Judge Tracey Lloyd-Clarke noted her descriptions were “extremely detailed”.

Slee handed himself in at the police station, but claimed he lost his phone on the way there.

The judge said: “I am satisfied that you deliberately discarded it to prevent the police from having access to it.”

Police recovered a sheet at the scene containing stains found to match the defendant’s DNA.

In a victim impact statement summarised in court, the child’s mother said: “[This] has turned our world upside down. She has not had the childhood she deserves.”

She said her daughter had become emotional and had stopped eating and sleeping properly before she made the allegations.

Slee, 56, from Tyfica Road in Pontypridd, denied two counts of raping a child and two counts of sexually assaulting a child, but was found guilty by a jury after trial.

Judge Lloyd-Clarke found the girl was “particularly vulnerable” due to her age.

Slee was jailed for 15 years and the judge imposed an indefinite Sexual Harm Prevention Order.