August 2018

Paedophile pensioner snared with haul of baby rape films after cops receive tip-off

Sicko can’t be sentenced

A widowed hairdresser has been nabbed with a hoard of vile videos showing babies being raped.

Paedophile Osborne Carline, 79, stashed hundreds of child sexual abuse images on hard drives hidden around his home.

Tots just months-old were among those filmed being tortured.

Carline admitted possessing the horror cache when the case called at Paisley Sheriff Court.

Prosecutor Pamela Brady told how the creep did not hear cops burst into his home.

She said: “Police received intelligence that a device in the accused’s home address was connected to the internet and contained indecent images of children.

“Officers attended at his home around 7am.

“There was no reply.

“Entry had to be forced with the assistance of a joiner.

“The accused was found within a bedroom of the flat.

“He was found to be asleep and had not heard police at the door because he had issues with his hearing.

“A small black Seagate hard drive was recovered in the bedroom.

“A number of indecent images of children were found on the device.”

Carline stashed almost 750 sordid photographs and films on back-up drives around his flat.

Experts warned many fell into the worst category for depravity.

Among them was a clip of a beast molesting a child.

Carline wore a beige cardigan, a hearing aid and had his white hair combed back when he appeared in the dock.

He clutched a rolled-up science magazine.

The court heard he amassed the files at his McKerrell Street tenement flat.

He was finally caught on November 9.

Carline was ordered to meet with social workers looking into his background.

Sheriff Colin Pettigrew warned he could face a stint behind bars.

He said: “The offence to which you have pled guilty is serious.

“Every such offence involves the abuse of children. Carline has been ordered to return for sentencing on September 11.