August 2018

Rapist who tried to kidnap 11-year-old girl on way home from school is jailed

A little girl who was kidnapped while walking home from school has spoken of the moment she was grabbed by her attacker.

Romanian George David, of Saville Road, Weston-super-Mare, was jailed for kidnap of a child – as well as rape, voyeurism and masturbating in public – following a hearing at Bristol Crown Court on August 8.

The court heard his kidnapping victim, an 11-year-old girl who cannot be named for legal reasons, is still suffering from panic attacks and anxiety as a result of the incident, which happened in Weston-super-Mare on November 8, 2017.

Prosecutor James Ward read out the girl’s personal impact statement during the hearing, which referred to the day of the kidnap.

In her statement, the girl said: “I was walking home from school and I saw a guy in a cap. He had two shopping bags.

“I could not see his face and as I walked up, I heard him stop and turn around. I thought he had gone the wrong way.

“He grabbed me by the mouth…I struggled to get him off of me but I screamed as loud as I could. He was pushing me down to the railing.

“He flipped me over it and as he let go off my mouth, I screamed. He was pushing me downwards towards the bush – I was covered in cuts.

“He tried to cover my my mouth again and he said ‘be quiet’. I thought I was going to blackout. He put his thumb on my nose, I think he was trying to stop me breathing.

“I think he was trying to push me further but he couldn’t because of the bushes. I heard a man shout ‘what are you doing?’ and he ran off. He still had the cap on.

“His hands smelt like socks and aftershave. The cuts really hurt. I told my mum I was attacked and I was covered in dirt.

The kidnapping was one of six offences David was sentenced for during an hour-and-a-half long hearing.

The court heard six days prior to the kidnapping, on November 2, he had been caught on CCTV masturbating on the platform of Weston-super-Mare train station.

He was caught “fiddling with his penis” for a “significant period of time” on CCTV that had been specifically set up following reports of a man spying on women in the station’s ladies’ toilet.

He admitted spying on women in the cubicles on October 19, October 21 and November 2.

In addition to the kidnap, voyeurism and outraging public decency offences, David – who was aided in court by a Spanish translator – was also sentenced for a rape he committed in May last year.

In a separate incident, the defendant admitted the rape – after police found footage of an incident on his mobile phone

Judge Michael Longman sentenced David to a total of seven years and four months behind bars, of which the 20-year-old will serve half.

David must also sign the sex offenders’ register for 11 years.

Judge Longman ordered two other charges to lie on file.