August 2018

Serial sex offender had girls in his car

A predatory sex offender, who raped two women and assaulted others, has been twice caught by police with young girls in his car.

Nicholas Glen Laloo, known as Nick, has more than 46 previous convictions and is considered so dangerous that he is forbidden from being alone with children without the parents knowing his background.

Laloo, who has previously served 12 years in prison for rape, was back in the dock at Reading Crown Court on Monday, July 30, for his latest breach of a Sexual Harm Prevention Order.

The 49-year-old, formerly of Queens Road, Newbury, and who now lives at The Crescent, Theale, initially denied having breached the order on December 29, 2016, and again on January 1 last year.

But just as a jury was ready to be sworn in to try the case, he changed his pleas to guilty.

Siobhan Molloy, prosecuting, said Laloo had previously raped twice and had been convicted of other sexual offences.

She told the court he was subsequently made subject to a Sexual Offences Prevention Order – now known as a Sexual Harm Prevention Order – for two further offences.

The first of these involved harassing a 15-year-old girl by “persistently meeting her after school… and giving her lifts home.”

Ms Molloy said: “He told her he would give her a ‘treat’ on her 16th birthday, but it would be a secret between them and she was not to tell her family.”

The second offence, the court heard, involved “following three girls on separate occasions and trying to incite them to get into his car, causing them to fear violence”.

In 2015, the NWN reported how Laloo, then living at his Newbury address, was first convicted of breaking the order.

On that occasion he was found by police sitting in a parked panel van in a secluded spot in Newbury during the early hours.

Helen Waite, prosecuting, said at the time: “Police on mobile patrol noticed a red LDV van around 11.30pm in a secluded spot.

“In the early hours the next day it was still there. Mr Laloo was stopped and checked by the police.”

Officers made enquiries and it transpired that Laloo had failed to notify his public protection officer of the van’s make, model and registration.

On Thursday, his latest breaches were outlined by Ms Molloy.

She said on one occasion, he had been caught carrying young schoolgirls in his vehicle, knowing that no disclosure regarding his sex offender status had been made to the parent.

On the second, he was carrying another young girl without her parent having been alerted to his past by the police public protection unit.

A third, similar charge was allowed to lie on file. This can happen when a defendant has admitted similar offences and convictions for the remaining offences would have no significant impact on the sentence.

Judge Ian Grainger said he needed more information about Laloo’s circumstances and past offending and ordered pre-sentence reports to be prepared.

Laloo, who was meanwhile released on conditional bail, to be sentenced at a later date and Judge Grainger warned him that all sentencing options – “including the obvious one, custody” – remained open.

July 2016

Rapist worked as Yodel employee for six months 

A convicted rapist worked for a national delivery company at its Farnborough depot for six months before any background checks were carried out

Through a third party supplier, Yodel, a parcel delivery service for many of the UK’s leading retailers, employed rapist Nicholas Laloo at its depot in Summit Avenue between October last year and April.

Laloo was convicted in January 2012 after admitting one count relating to concealing his criminal past from his bosses at a previous job, and was jailed for six months.

He had previously served a 12-year jail sentence for two rapes.

January 2012

Rapist hid convictions to get job

A cleaner at Tesco who hid his two rape convictions from bosses was sentenced for fraud.

Nicholas Laloo, who failed to declare his 46 previous offences, had four further sex charges against him dropped.

The 43-year-old was employed by Ecocleen in 2009 to work at the Tesco distribution centre in Didcot.

He worked at the warehouse for a year, during which time he was promoted to supervisor, before new rape allegations in November 2010 revealed his hidden past.

Those allegations – three charges of rape and one of inciting a person to engage in sexual activity – were formally dropped at Oxford Crown Court yesterday due to a lack of evidence.

But Laloo, from Shannon Road, Didcot, was sentenced for fraud after admitting one count relating to concealing his criminal past – including a 12-year jail sentence for two rapes.

Recorder Harold Persaud noted Laloo had served 154 days in custody awaiting trail and jailed him for six months, meaning he was set for release yesterday

August 1996

Rapist jailed

A man acquitted on three previous rape charges was jailed for 12 years yesterday, after he sexually attacked two women in 24 hours.

Sexual psychopath Nicholas Laloo told both women “You girls are all the same, you deserve it”, as he subjected them to “horrible” sex assaults, and threatened to kill them, the Old Bailey was told.

Laloo was cleared of rape in 1994 at trial. Since then he has been accused twice.

The first case collapsed after the complainant had a nervous breakdown.

The second, in Weston-super-Mare, was dropped before it reached court.