February 2010

Man jailed for unprotected sex with girl, 13

A man who had sex with a 13-year-old girl at a house in South Yorkshire after plying her with booze has been jailed.

Jason Wright had unprotected sex with the teenage virgin – as one of their friends watched so word of what he had done to her could be spread around the village of Dunscroft.

A court heard the vulnerable girl had become “emotionally disturbed” after allowing the 19-year-old to take advantage of her.

Wright, of no fixed address because he is currently serving a jail term for a separate offence of robbery, was sentenced to a further 30 months in a young offenders’ institution which will run consecutively.

He pleaded guilty to a charge of sexual activity with a child in February last year and Doncaster Crown Court also imposed a Sexual Offences Prevention Order for 10 years to ensure he has no contact with under-18s when he is released.

Prosecutor Andrew Kershaw told the court the girl was a virgin when the offence was committed and was regarded as well-behaved but had been bullied and was associating with a mixed bunch of girls, some regarded as a bad influence.

The girl went to the house of one of the group where Wright was also visiting and he gave her about a quarter of the litre bottle of cider he was drinking.

She had met him only twice before and was not ready to have sex with him but the friend told her to kiss him and not to say ‘no’.

He took her up to a bedroom where he removed her clothing and had intercourse without using a condom.

Mr Kershaw said one of the girl’s friends came into the room and witnessed the act so she could spread the news round the village.

That night the girl cried herself to sleep and the next day told a teacher at school.

Meanwhile her mother, who had heard the gossip, confronted her and she admitted having sex with Wright.

Medical evidence confirmed she was telling the truth and Wright was arrested.

Solicitor Karen Tunnacliffe, defending, said Wright, now aged 20, believed the girl was 15 at the time and was shocked when he found out her real age.

“He has always accepted responsibility and that sex did take place but

she was consenting and at no stage did she say he had to stop. No force was used or threats made so she would not tell anyone afterwards.

“She had been in contact with him before this and texts he received from her afterwards were friendly. He did not realise the effect on her was so bad and he is very upset about it.”

After reading a victim impact statement from the girl that was not made public, Judge Patrick Robertshaw said: “What happened has plainly had a profoundly upsetting and disturbing effect on the victim. This young girl had no previous sexual experience and was involved in having unprotected sex.”