July 2018

Ayrshire schoolgirl had nervous breakdown after pervy grandad figure groomed her and asked for naked pictures over Snapchat

A schoolgirl was groomed by a family friend she looked up to as a “grandad” in a string of sleazy sex messages on Snapchat.

Chantelle suffered a nervous breakdown after being preyed on by Andrew Hughes, 49.

As the creep was finally nail­ed, Chantelle said: “He was like a grandfather but he’s destroyed my life.”

Predator Andrew Hughes begged his schoolgirl victim to cosy up on a sofa and send him naked snaps, the traumatised teenager claimed last night.

The married creep, 49, also sent Chantelle sleazy social media messages during his grooming campaign.

But cops swooped when the youngster, now 18 confided in her mum that he had preyed on her.

After he appeared at Kilmarnock Sheriff Court, Chantelle told how she was targeted during a sleepover at his pad.

She said: “One night I was staying and he asked if I would sleep next to him and cuddle him on the couch. But I told him it didn’t feel right.

“He then texted saying he wished he was lying next to me, how beautiful I was and complimenting me saying if he wasn’t with his wife and if I was older he’d want to be with me.

“He made out it was a laugh and a joke but when he added me through Snapchat things became a nightmare.”

Chantelle revealed Hughes blitzed her with posts on the popular instant messaging app telling her “how crap his life was” and moaning at his lack of sex with his ill missus.

She said she repeatedly tried to block him on the instant messaging platform but was guilt-tripped into U-turns.

Within hours of adding him, the perv sent an obscene message to hook up.

And she told how he later begged for nude photos after seeing an Instagram pic showing a pal hitching up Chantelle’s top to reveal a new inking.

She said: “He texted me saying ‘I love your tattoo, you should show me what it’s like when you have no clothes on and no bra on’.

“He then said he wished it was him holding my top up.

“I showed the message to my aunt and she told me to tell my mum.”

She revealed her ordeal in texts to her mum, saying she kept quiet “in case I was to get into trouble” and claimed she was targeted in “1st year”.

Chantelle, who has waived her right to anonymity, later quit her £12,000-a-year care home job and now won’t get dolled up in glam clothes.

The former rugby player said: “I’m not the same person.

“I just want to cry all the time. I just feel really disgusting and like people are talking about me all the time.

“I had a nervous breakdown when I realised what he had been doing.”