July 2018

Basildon paedophile flung Samsung tablet into garden before police arrested

A paedophile from Basildon flung his Samsung tablet into his garden as police arrived to arrest him over a string of sex offences.

Michael Aspland, of Samuel Road in Langdon Hills, was sentenced for his grotesque crimes at Basildon Crown Court this morning (Friday, July 27).

The 80-year-old has been jailed for 18 months for making, possessing and distributing indecent images of children, possessing extreme images and breaching his Sexual Harm Prevention Order (SHPO).

Aspland also admitted to having a conversation with a child, called ‘KellyinUK’, via messaging app Kik.

The account has never been identified by police and so they cannot be sure if the user was a child or an adult.

In 2012, Aspland was handed a community order for almost identical crimes and was made subject to a SHPO.

However, by possessing a prohibited Samsung tablet and deleting his internet history, he breached the order between January 2016 and June 2017.

During his sentencing remarks, Judge David Owen-Jones said: “In March, 2012, you pleaded guilty to distributing and making indecent images of children along with possessing extreme pornography.

“You were sentenced to a community order. You were made subject to a Sexual Harm Prevention Order which you have pleaded guilty to breaching.

Michael Aspland: The charges in full

  • Make indecent photograph of a child: Between January 27, 2016 and June, 30, 2017, Aspland made 19 category A, five Category B and three Category C movies.

  • Make indecent photograph of a child: Between the same time period, he also made 341 Category A images, 443 Category B images and 468 Category C images.

  • Possess a prohibited image of a child: Aspland had two prohibited images of children in his possession.

  • Distribute an indecent photograph of a child: He sent a Category A image of a child to user ‘KellyinUK’ via Kik on June 21, 2017.

  • Distribute an indecent photograph of a child: He sent a Category A image of a child to user ‘KellyinUK’ via Kik on June 20, 2017.

  • Breach SHPO: Aspland failed to notify his monitoring officer of the Samsung tablet.

  • Breach SHPO: He deleted the internet history from the Samsung tablet.

  • Breach SHPO: Again, Aspland failed to notify the monitoring officer of the Samsung tablet.

  • Breach SHPO: Aspland failed to produce the tablet.

  • Possess extreme pornographic image portraying an act of intercourse with an animal

  • Posses indecent photograph of a child: Aspland had indecent images accessed from live links on the tablet, including four Category A, 19 Category B and 106 Category C images.

“You were sitting on the sofa when police arrived at your home, holding a Samsung tablet and you flung it into the garden.

“It was damaged and this hampered any examination of it.”

As he was being sentenced, Aspland stood up and clutched onto the side of the dock, staring at the floor.

In addition to serving his prison term, he will be subject to a SHPO indefinitely.