July 2018

Face of the ‘dangerous’ sexual monster jailed for raping primary school girl

THIS is the face of the twisted paedophile who was jailed for six years for a series of sexual assaults on very young schoolgirls.

Daniel Campbell, of Peel House Lane, Widnes, was sentenced at Liverpool Crown Court after he was found guilty of raping one girl and sexually assaulting another.

Campbell, now 27, was a teenager when he committed his heinous crimes, while his victims were still in primary school.

The court heard heartbreaking accounts of how his victims had been traumatised by their ordeals at the hands of a man branded ‘dangerous’ by the crown court judge.

In a victim impact statement the girl he raped said: “In the years after the assault I felt my body was tarred.

“I felt worthless, like nobody would ever love me.”

She said: “I couldn’t go out for fear I would be raped again. If I saw someone who looked like him I would have a panic attack.

“To this day I still suffer from flashbacks.”

She added that she has found romantic relationships difficult, as she believed boys were going to hurt her.

She suffered flashbacks, panic attacks and self harmed.

Campbell abused his other victim by repeatedly reaching under her skirt and touching her genitals.

She said she suffered from anxiety and depression since the abuse, leading to drug taking, self harm and an attempt to take her own life when she was 16.

She told the court that her relationships with boys had been affected, as had her relationship with her mother who was unaware of her ordeal, and put her behaviour down to ‘being naughty’.

Campbell has a host of previous convictions dating back to 2007, and has already served two prison sentences for sexual offences.

Campbell, who sat with his head bowed for the majority of the hearing, was sentenced to six years in prison for rape and six months in prison for two counts of sexual assault, to run concurrently.