July 2018

Donald Miller, 20, jailed for sex with vulnerable girl of 13

A young man who twice had unprotected sex with a girl of 13 after she had been drinking at a friend’s home has been jailed.

Donald Miller knew the vulnerable teenager had been drinking vodka when he asked her for sex in the bathroom of a house in Shirley.

The victim was considered to be ‘at high risk of child sexual exploitation’, Warwick Crown Court heard.

Miller, 20, of Cranmore Road, Shirley, was jailed for two-and-a-half years and ordered to register as a sex offender for life.

He admitted two counts of sexual activity with a child.

Michael Williams, prosecuting, said the girl met up with Miller instead of going to school in May 2016.

“She asked the defendant to go with her to the bathroom, and while in there he asked her for sex, and she said yes and they had intercourse,” Mr Williams said.

“They then left the bathroom and returned to the living room.

“By then it was late at night, and further sex took place in the living room.”

Mr Williams said Miller did not use a condom on either occasion.

After the police became involved, Miller accepted being at the address but denied having any sexual contact with the girl.

The girl said she had been badly affected by what happened and felt isolated, she said in a statement given to the court.

Jailing Miller, Judge Peter Cooke told him: “I have read the psychological report. It does not begin to excuse what you did.

“The main problem associated with the problems you have is maintaining attention.

“That is not relevant in these offences. I think your difficulties are being overstated and overplayed.

“There were aspects of your attitude to the offending which concerned the author of the pre-sentence report.

“I regard the fact that you acted as you did, knowing she had been drinking alcohol, as a very serious aggravating feature indeed.

“It’s not as serious as giving her the alcohol, but it’s not much less serious to take advantage of her, knowing she had.

“This is a case that demands immediate custody.”