July 2018

Teenager jailed for rape

A dangerous teenager who raped two females in South Shields – including one girl aged just 14 – has been sentenced to 16 years behind bars.

Corey Nesbitt, 19, of Saint Jude’s Terrace, was handed a lengthy custodial sentence at Newcastle Crown Court today after pleaded guilty to three counts of rape and one count of burglary.

The violent sex offender, who targeted his victims between March and November 2017, has now been taken off the streets as the judge passed sentence, also handing Nesbitt a five-year extended licence period.

Following Nesbitt’s sentencing, one of his victims said: “Although I am thankful that he did eventually plead guilty and did not make me go to court, he did not do this until the day of the trial.

“He still left me thinking I was going to have to stand in court and talk about the most horrific experience of my life in front of strangers and him.

“My whole life has been on hold since the incident. No sentence will be long enough to reflect the pain and hurt he has caused me. Because of him, I am now serving a life sentence as I feel like I will never be able to put this behind me.”

Detective Constable Hayley McIntosh, of Northumbria Police, praised the bravery of the victims.

She said: “I am pleased to be stood here knowing that Nesbitt is now behind bars and is unable to carry out any further appalling acts of this kind.

“He is clearly a danger to society. He preyed on both of his victims, first earning their trust before subjecting them to horrific ordeals.

“Nesbitt must live with the consequences of his actions and know he has caused enormous hurt to his victims and their families.

“Although today’s sentence cannot take back what the victims have been put through, I hope it can bring some sort of justice. They have both shown incredible bravery throughout this investigation.

“I would encourage any victim of rape or sexual assault to look at this sentence and come forward. You will be taken seriously and will be offered the specialist support you need.”

Nesbitt first struck in March after contacting a 14-year-old on social media.

After luring the victim to his home address, Nesbitt forced himself on the vulnerable girl – who later reported what had happened to a parent.

The next attack came in November. After meeting a woman in West Park, Nesbitt moved his 21-year-old victim to a secluded area before telling her: “I am going to rape you like you’ve never been raped before”. He then proceeded to rape her twice in the park.

Following the attack, the woman fled, flagged down a taxi and reported the incident to police.

Nesbitt was arrested in the early hours of the following day after officers investigating a report of a burglary at a business premises on Sea Road, South Shields, found the outstanding offender intoxicated inside.

He now begins a long stretch behind bars.