May 2011

Jail for sex crimes against young boys

A man who targeted young boys for his sexual pleasure over a period of three decades is starting a prison sentence.

While other men of his age are looking forward to retirement, 53-year-old Ronald Brittan will be inside a prison for the first time in his life.

He was jailed for a total of five years when he appeared at Doncaster Crown Court and admitted a total of 10 sexual offences committed between 1972 and 2001.

One victim said he had turned to drink to forget living with his own guilt.

Another boy told police he had also been blaming himself for what happened, heard the court.

Brittan, of Marshland Road, Moorends, was arrested last year when the second victim, now a young adult, told his girlfriend and she persuaded him to go to the police.

The first boy was subjected to various sexual assaults from the age of eight, before they came to a stop around five years later.

In a victim statement he told detectives he used to ‘drink a lot to forget’ and wondered why he hadn’t done something about it years ago.

“I’ve lived with the guilt,” he said. “I’ve been drinking a lot more and I’m lucky my wife has stuck by me. I wouldn’t have blamed her if she left me.”

Brittan started indecently assaulting the second boy from the age of eight, abuse which lasted until he was a teenager.

He admitted offences were being committed every couple of months.

The victim told police the offences had made him shy and withdrawn because he had lost all confidence and ‘blamed himself every day’.

Judge Peter Keelson, QC, who also placed Brittan on the Sex Offenders’ Register indefinitely, told him: “The past has caught up with you.

It was a sordid series of offences which ended when the first boy was 13.”

The judge added: “The second boy became a victim many years later because of the same predisposition, which you will not face up to, of seeking gratification from young males.”