Student spared jail for having sex with girl, 13

A man who had sex with a 13-year-old girl escaped jail because he accompanied her to the doctor’s for a pregnancy test.

Nicholas Franklin admitted having consensual sex with a minor at an address in Chingford on June 18.

Deputy District Judge Miss Sims sentenced Franklin, 19, to one year’s rehabilitation and 60 hours community service when he appeared at Waltham Forest Magistrates Court on Tuesday.

The court heard that Franklin, of Antlers Hill, Chingford, had sex with the girl, who cannot be named for legal reasons, when she called at his home. The couple went to Franklin’s bedroom and she consented to sex.

Prosecution solicitor Rosmarie Williams told the court that Franklin, who is studying to be a music technician, became friendly with the girl and spent some time chatting to her.

Ms Williams said: “The girl has accepted that she led him on and she consented to sex. The girl feared she might be pregnant so Franklin accompanied her to the doctor’s for a pregnancy test some days later.

“When the girl’s mother found out what had happened she went to Franklin’s house and he admitted what had happened.”

The defence solicitor said that the girl went to Franklin’s house uninvited. She seemed emotionally mature and Franklin thought she was about 15.

The court heard Franklin accepted that he should have acted more responsibly. The solicitor said it was a situation where a friendship has ended in an offence being committed.

As she passed sentence, Miss Sims told Franklin: “It makes no difference whether the girl was 13 or 15 and she instigated it, you are responsible for your actions.

“Going to the doctor’s with her showed some degree of responsibility. “

Franklin was ordered to pay £40 costs.