March 2002

Sadistic rapist jailed for 10 years

A BRUTAL Sutton rapist who forced a Mansfield woman with learning difficulties into sex before viciously robbing her has been caged for 10 years.

Sick sex offender Jamie Bradley (18), of Charles Street, sat stony-faced in the dock at Nottingham Crown Court last Wednesday as a jury found him guilty of two sadistic rapes off Rock Valley, Mansfield on 1st September.

And immediately after the verdict, detectives who helped snare the beast dubbed Bradley “a danger to women.” Said DC Ashley Wilson: “He has shown no remorse whatsoever. It was a particularly vile and disgusting attack, which this sentence reflects. He is a danger and deserves to serve the full length of the sentence.”

Bradley had denied the two rape charges but had admitted violently robbing his 39-year-old victim of her handbag containing around 90.

As he jailed Bradley, Judge Peter De Mille described him as a “predator” who had targeted his child-like victim knowing that she suffered mild learning disabilities. “You must have been aware that the lady who left the club with you was one who was vulnerable, and vulnerable in particular to a predator such as yourself,” he said. “You brutally raped her and then the final insult, the last act of humiliation and degradation by you was to rob her. “These are brutal offences and ones which can only be met by a very substantial sentence of 10 years detention.”

Bradley must serve at least half his sentence before he will be eligible for parole, and two thirds if he is turned down.

The rest of his sentence will be served on license and his name will be added to the sex offenders register.

The woman was not present to hear the verdict, but Mansfield CID officers praised her bravery in testifying against her attacker in open court.

“It was a horrifying thing for her to give evidence a girl with learning difficulties who has been preyed on – that takes a lot of courage,” said DC Wilson. “We’re pleased for the family that it brings this sorry affair to its conclusion.

She and her extended family are extremely close and it has affected them all.”

Bradley picked his victim up at Lexis nightclub on Clumber Street and offered to walk her home but instead dragged her round the back of a Rock Valley electricity sub-station and pushed her to the ground.

Hitting her in the face, he violently forced her into sex twice despite her pleas for him to stop. “I said no, I felt dirty,” she told the court last week.

He tried to force her into a further sex act before grabbing hold of her handbag, then attacking her and leaving her half-naked, screaming and bleeding beside the road when she refused to let go of her bag.

Throughout the trial Bradley, defended by Ian Way, maintained the victim had approached him to chat her up at the club. He said only one act of sex took place, to which she had consented.