July 2018

Sex beast repeatedly raped boy, three, and girl, six, while he was supposed to be looking after them

A depraved former shop assistant who repeatedly raped a three-year-old boy and a six-year-old girl has been jailed for 10 years.

Reece Ford was supposed to be looking after the two young children at a house in Edinburgh when he subjected them to horrifying sex attacks that took place between January and October last year.

In court, Ford admitted abusing his victims between seven and 10 times.

A judge yesterday told Ford he had been assessed as posing a high risk of sexual re-offending and appeared to have a sexual attraction to prepubescent children.

The 23-year-old, described as a “loner” by a former school pal, began molesting the girl before turning his attention to the boy.

At the High Court in Edinburgh, Lord Pentland said that Ford had admitted abusing his victims.

The judge added: “You have pled guilty to extremely serious sexual offences extending to the repeated rape of two young children over a period of several months.”

He told Ford that victim impact statements revealed the “devastating effect” of his crimes and added: “Society has an abhorrence of the abuse of children.”

Lord Pentland also said that if he had been sentencing Ford following a trial, he would have jailed him for 15 years for his crimes.

The judge ordered that Ford be put under supervision for a further three years with a robust risk management strategy put in place for the protection of the public. He also told Ford, a first offender, that he would be on the sex offenders’ register for the rest of his life.

Ford, of Royston Mains Place in Edinburgh, had earlier admitted raping the boy between March and October last year and carrying out sex acts and raping the girl between January and October last year.

On sentencing, Lord Pentland made the following statement in court:

“Reece Ford, you have pled guilty to two extremely serious offences extending to the repeated rape of two young children over a period of several months in 2017.

“The children were in your care at the material time; they were in their home. Their mother trusted you to look after them. That was a trust that you utterly betrayed.

“The victim impact information explains, in clear and detailed terms, the devastating effects your wicked conduct has had on the victims and their family.

“The constructive criminal justice social work report assesses you as presenting a high risk of sexual reoffending. It notes that you appear to be sexually attracted to prepubescent children.

“You admitted abusing the children on between seven and ten occasions. You accepted that your motive was sexual gratification. From your own description, the nature of the abuse appeared to have been escalating in severity.

“Whilst I note what was said on your behalf today, it is extremely concerning that you provided to the author of the report an account of events which attempted to place some degree of responsibility for your conduct on your victims.

“You are 23 years of age and have no previous convictions. You appear to be a weak and inadequate young man.

“I have taken account of all that has been said today on your behalf about your background and family history. Your personal difficulties cannot, however, in any way excuse or mitigate the gravity of your crimes.

“I am satisfied that an extended sentence is necessary for the protection of the public from serious harm in view of the risk that you present to young children. 

“Society has an abhorrence of the sexual abuse of children and it is incumbent on the court to reflect that in the approach it takes towards sentencing sexual offenders.

“In your case I consider that there are many aggravating factors: your gross breach of trust; the young ages of your victims; the persistence of the abuse; and its penetrative nature.

“Had I been imposing sentence after trial, I would have sentenced you to a custodial term of 15 years with an extension part of three years. In view of your guilty plea tendered at an early stage, I shall discount the custodial element to 10 years in line with normal practice. This is a cumulo sentence imposed in respect of both charges on the indictment.