June 2018

Pervert caught by paedophile hunters

A pervert has avoided prison after he groomed over 10 online profiles he believed belonged to young girls

Sharif Abdirahman appeared at Isleworth Crown Court Court on 06/06/2018 where he admitted a number of child grooming offences.

The court was told that Abdirahman sent a string of vile and sexually charged messages to a number of girls online

However, the profiles were in fact part of an online operation by paedophile hunters to catch sexual predators targeting children.

Abdirahman set up a meet with one of the ‘girls’ but was instead confronted by online child protection team ‘No Excuses’ who stung him on behalf of ‘Karma Hunters’ who are based in Northern Ireland

The team questioned the pervert on camera until the police arrived to arrest him.

Although the judge did not jail him, he handed Abdirahman a number of orders:

  • 15 months Imprisonment suspended for 24 months

  • Sexual Harm Prevention Order (SHPO) for a period of 5 years

  • Must carry out 200 hours of unpaid work 

  • Must undertake Rehabilitation Activity Requirement for a maximum of 30 days

  • Pay a Victim Surcharge of £140.00

  • Sex Offenders Register for 10 years

Hamza Sharif abdirahman has now been prohibited from:

  1. Using any computer or device capable of accessing the internet

  2. Using or activating any function of any software which prevents a computer or device from retaining and/ or displaying the history of internet use

  3. Possessing any device capable of storing digital images (moving or still) unless he provides access to such storage on request for inspection by a police officer or police staff employee. 

  4. Installing any encryption or wiping software on any device other than which is intrinsic to the operation of the device”.

  5. Undertaking or applying for any work or activity, whether paid or voluntary, that is likely to bring the defendant into contact with a child or young person under the age of 16 years without prior written permission from the relevant Police Protection Unit.

  6. Must remain at an address known to police between 9pm- 6am for two months Curfew to end on on the 05- Aug- 2018 ( Electronic Tag).