July 2018

Child rapist sends ‘grotesque’ package to victim 

A pervert who repeatedly raped a young girl later sent her a grotesque package through the post, years after the abuse stopped.

Keith Fenwick’s victim was “too young to understand what was happening” when the alcoholic paedophile sexually abused her by force, Hull Crown Court heard.

She now fears she may never get over it.

The victim “did not fully appreciate what he had done was wrong” until she was older, prosecutor Geraldine Kelly said.

Years later, Fenwick started sending her sexual messages on Facebook, and informed her he had sent her the package. She “felt sick” when she found it.

Fenwick, now 63, told the victim he had “lovely memories of her”, and kept thinking of her sexually, “even though he knew it was not right”.

Fenwick had given the girl alcohol and cigarettes and told her not to tell anyone about the abuse. She was “scared” so kept it to herself.

The girl was urged to report the matter to police after confiding in a friend, but felt she could not without “independent evidence”, Miss Kelly said. She eventually did after disclosing the Facebook messages to a professional.

In a victim statement read on her behalf by Miss Kelly, she said having to recall the abuse in her police interview had made her “feel sick”.

She had started having “flashbacks”, which were becoming more frequent, and she would have nightmares and wake up in tears. She also had anger issues.

She said: “I struggle to be myself. Even today, giving this statement, I struggle to open up to people. I can’t see what life was like before the abuse.

“I feel sometimes I’m always angry, but then I’m so sad. I’m sad that it won’t get any better; that my life will always be like this.

“I know I need to move on but it’s so hard knowing he’s still out there.”

Fenwick, of Holderness Road, east Hull, admitted three counts of child rape, sexual assault of a child under 13, and another child sex offence. He had previous convictions for handling stolen goods, burglary, criminal damage and wounding.

When he was arrested, he said he knew police were trying to contact him and thought it was about the package he sent. He claimed the victim was “wicked and cruel” as a child and “always telling lies”.

Recorder Bryan Cox QC said the abuse had a “profound” effect on the victim.

He said it was “grotesque” to have sent the package. Jailing Fenwick for 12 years, the judge told him: “I have come to the conclusion having carefully considered your case that there must be a substantial prison sentence.”