Andrew Sanders – Worcester

November 2000

Sex offender was working at funfair

A registered sex offender has appeared before Worcester magistrates after failing to alert police to his change of address.

The court heard Andrew Sanders was convicted of indecent assault in 1998 and given a two-year probation order. He was placed on the sex offenders’ register for five years.

Sally Hill, prosecuting yesterday, said the 21-year-old failed to tell police of his whereabouts.

“He turned up at Worcester Police Station at 1am in the morning – looking for somewhere to stay,” she said.

“A couple of police officers spoke to him and he told them that he was a registered sex offender.

“He told them he’d been working for a funfair around the country and had been recently working in Cornwall. He arrived in Worcester on Tuesday night and gave the police officers all the correct details.

“The defendant then went on to tell the officers that he had been living in a Wolverhampton hostel but hadn’t been there for some time.”

Sanders, of no fixed address, admitted failing to comply with the Sexual Offences Act and notifying the authorities of a change of address either in Gloucester or elsewhere.

Andrew Childs, defending, said Sanders had been travelling with the funfair.

“He called into St Paul’s Hostel but was advised to call into Worcester Police Station,” he said.

“He’s been very open and honest and is hoping to move back to Wolverhampton.”

Sanders was fined £25 which he paid off with a day in custody.

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