July 2018

Pervert caught by paedophile hunters

A pervert who believed he was grooming a 14 year old girl online has been jailed

Aaron Smith of Edmonton appeared at Wood Green Crown Court and pleaded guilty to a number of charges involving online grooming and sexual communication with a child

The court was told that Smith contacted an online profile of a 14 year old girl. He sent a string of sexually charged and explicit messages with a view of engaging her into sexual activity.

After explaining his love for her, Smith arranged to meet the child at Silver Street train station at 9pm on the 27th March.

Smith arrived at the scene.

However, Paedophile hunting team ‘No Excuses’ were waiting and quickly identified Smith and apprehended him.

The team explained that they were an online children protection team and that the child was actually an adult called ‘Roxie Solo’ from paedophile hunting team ‘Justice for the Innocent’

The team questioned Smith on his internet activity. It was revealed that Smith had brought condoms with him, in the hope of sexual intercourse with the ‘girl’

The team called police, who arrested him at the scene.

Smith originally pleaded not guilty, but changed his mind when the evidence was produced to him and his defence. 

At his sentencing, the defence argued that Smith should avoid a custodial sentence due to him being exposed online for his activity.

However, the judge replied: “A bit of rough justice, dont you think for what he has done and freely admits on the sting video”

Aaron Smith was sentenced on the 5th of July 2018 to:

  • 20 months imprisonment

    10 years on the sex offenders register

    10 years sexual harm prevention order (SHPO)