July 2018

Romanian born pervert caught by paedophile hunters

A Romanian born pervert who sent sexually explicit chat and images to someone he believed was 13 has avoided a prison sentence

Radu Mihai, 24 of Coalville appeared at Leicester Crown Court where he was sentenced for the following offence:

  • – An adult attempting to meet a child following sexual grooming 

The court was told that Mihai who works in a car wash contacted the online profile of someone he believed was a 13 year old girl. Mihai sent a string of sexual explicit messages and images with a view of meeting of the child for sexual activity.

However, the child was infact a decoy for online paedophile hunting team ‘Parental online protection’

The team visited Mihai at his home with a Romanian interpreter. They questioned him on his internet activity before ringing the police

The team handed all their evidence into police who in turn arrested Mihai.

The judge sentenced Mihai to a community order and told him he must attend a sexual offenders programme for 90 days