July 2018

Aberdeen man who talked of desire to rape underage girl faces jail

An Aberdeen man who talked about wanting to rape an underage girl in an online forum is facing a jail sentence.

Brian Hay’s home on Moir Crescent was raided by the police in September last year after officers received intelligence that indecent images of youngsters had been shared on a Twitter account from that location.

Hay, who lives at home with his parents, admitted to the police that he was in possession of the images when they turned up at the house.

Officers also discovered he had been in a forum on the Kik app where he had shared images and messages with other users.

During an appearance at Aberdeen Sheriff Court yesterday, a sheriff told him the messages were “some of the vilest content” he had ever seen.

Hay, 33, confessed to possession and creation of indecent images of children between March 2015 and September last year.

He also admitted to distributing indecent images of children between October 2016 and June 2017.

Fiscal depute Alan Townsend told the court the officers who raided Hay’s home had recovered an iPhone, tablet and desktop computer.

On the iPhone and Tablet were category A images – the most serious showing the rape or torture of children

They included horrific images of girls aged between five and 15 engaged in sexual activity with adults.

Mr Townsend said: “Police officers read through messages found on the Kik application used by Mr Hay.

“In them, the accused talked about how he would like to rape a nine-year-old.”

Representing Hay, defence agent Bob Anderson called for reports to be obtained ahead of a sentence.

He said his client had admitted there was a difficulty which needed to be addressed.

Sheriff Jack Brown asked Mr Anderson: “I have had the misfortune to read the Kik messages and they contain some of the vilest content I have ever seen. I wonder if there is any underlying psychological issue?”

He replied: “It may be thrown up by the report.”

Sheriff Brown warned Hay that a “significant custodial sentence” was something he was considering.

Hay will return to court next month.