Jordan Cater – Redditch

June 2018

Redditch sex offender lies about church visits where children were present

A high risk sex offender who committed gross indecency with a boy breached a court order by attending a church where children were present.

Jordan Carter got a lift to a Redditch church with two teenagers in the car and also attended the church where children were present on six occasions.

By doing so Carter, aged 39, of Huins Close, Redditch, breached the terms of a sexual harm prevention between February 25 and April 8 this year.

Cater has been a registered sex offender since being convicted of gross indecency with a boy in 2004.

Carter was arrested on April 19 this year after his church visits came to light, lying to police that he had only been to the church on two occasions and no children were present. However, further checks revealed Carter had been to church on six occasions and there were children present.

Carter, who has a history of breaches, failed to comply with his sex offender notification requirements on September 17, 2013 and received a fine.

He appeared in court again for breaching the order on December 17, 2014 and was handed a three year community order.

In October 2015 he made indecent images of children, again placing him in breach.

There were further breaches and in 2016 he was jailed for four months and again for 18 weeks.

Judge Nicolas Cartwright said an immediate jail sentence would be ‘richly deserved’.

He amended the sexual offences prevention order so that Carter must notify people of his previous convictions if he comes into supervised contact with children under 16.

He is prohibited from undertaking any activity, paid or voluntary, which may bring him into contact with anyone under the age of 16.

If he attends a service conducted at a religious establishment a safeguarding agreement must first been put in place. This order is in place indefinitely.

Judge Cartwright said: “You have troubling convictions in the past. You have, on five occasions, breached in some way or another your obligations whether in terms of current of previous orders or monitoring requirements.”

He said the prison sentences imposed had failed to deter Carter from committing further offences and that the breach happened just two to three days of monitoring coming to an end, describing his actions as ‘quite deliberate’.

When caught, Carter was told by the judge that ‘you tried to lie your way out of it’.

The judge said: “The risk of harm is very high indeed because you pose an ongoing risk of harm of a sexual kind in relation to young boys.”

The judge sentenced him to nine months in prison suspended for two years and he must undertake 50 rehabilitation activity days.

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