June 2018

A paedophile who was unable to comply with the terms of his community-based orders after being locked up for other offences has been jailed for 15 months.

Kieran Dorian, 22, of Hawthorn Grove, Ballumbie, was jailed by Sheriff Alistair Carmichael when he appeared at Dundee Sheriff Court on Wednesday.

The order had been imposed after Dorian admitted directing sexual comments towards a 13-year-old girl in McDonald’s restaurant in Reform Street in 2016 and sexually assaulting another 13-year-old girl at the same place on the same date, while on bail.

Dorian also caused a female fear or alarm by repeatedly sending her text messages and posting a handwritten note through her door before repeatedly trying to get two other females to contact her on his behalf, at houses in Broughty Ferry and Monifieth, on various occasions between 2011 and 2015.

He also attended at the female’s house unannounced and on one occasion walked beside her uninvited before posting an envelope containing a letter, pieces of paper, a stone and a piece of string through a door at her home.

Dorian then resorted to social media by repeatedly attempting to contact her using false Facebook profiles to hide his true identity.

He had been placed under supervision for three years with a treatment programme requirement and placed on the Moving Forward Making Changes programme with conduct requirements.

He had also been placed on the sex offenders register for three years but then admitted two further offences of breaching the peace in Camperdown Leisure Park on April 4 while on three bail orders.

He admitted that on April 4, at Weavers Mill Public House, he behaved in a threatening or abusive manner and refused to leave the pub when asked to do so, and that, on the same date at McDonald’s restaurant in the leisure park, he behaved in a threatening or abusive manner.

Sheriff Carmichael said there was no alternative to a custodial sentence and jailed him for 15 months, placing him on the sex offenders register for seven years.

January 2017: Sentenced to three years supervision.

He was also ordered to complete 120 hours of unpaid work and placed on the sex offenders register for three years.

A sexual offences prevention order was imposed on him for five years with conditions around his conduct, as well as a non-harassment order preventing him from contacting his stalking victims for five years.

December 2016

Obsessed social media stalker

social media stalker was today told he could face jail after he left four victims terrified by bombarding them with messages through Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook – before later threatening a police officer with rape.

Kieran Dorian left his victims fearful, shaken and terrified during his campaigns of harassment against them.

And in a separate set of charges he went on to assault a cop by spitting blood at her after making lewd remarks to her and threatening to rape her.

Dorian knew all his victims from his schooldays in Dundee – becoming obsessed with them individually over the course of four years.

He went to one woman’s door at 3am – and stayed there until 7am before insisting he walk her to work.

Dorian later put a “rambling, nonsensical” love letter through the woman’s door on Christmas eve.

He spotted one of his victims on a bus in 2014 and didn’t speak to her – before going home and bombarding her with Facebook messages.

Another was spotted by Dorian at her work – before she emerged and found him sitting staring at her.

He then went home and bombarded her with 50 Snapchat messages before sending her a video of him scrolling through her Twitter feed.

Fiscal depute Eilidh Robertson told Dundee Sheriff Court: “He made repeated reference to walking to have sex with her and asking to see her in her underwear.

“That was reported to police which sparked an investigation in to his other victims.”

Miss Robertson said that in relation to Dorian’s police officer attack, the cop was working on the “Safezone” bus parked near Dundee’s nightclubs to provide a safe haven to intoxicated people.

She said: “The accused attended with a head wound.

“He told staff to f*** off and began jumping up and down.

“He made offensive remarks to the officer and made sexual comments to her.

“He then threatened to rape her.

“The accused then gathered up spit and blood in his mouth and spat it at the officer’s feet.

“He later made further sexual remarks, including about the officer’s mother, then said ‘I’ve f****d a 12-year-old in the bushes’.”

Dorian, 20, of Hawthorn Grove, Broughty Ferry, Dundee, pleaded guilty on indictment to four charges of stalking committed between October 2011 and May 2015.

He further admitted charges of assault and behaving in a threatening and abusive manner on summary complaint.

Dorian also admitted charges of making lewd sexual comments to a pair of 13-year-olds in the queue at a McDonald’s restaurant in Dundee on July 30 before sexually assaulting a 13-year-old girl moments later.

Defence solicitor Doug McConnell said: “He has pled guilty to very serious charges.

“I have spoken to him any times about why his behaviour goes beyond anything else and into the criminal sphere and he is only just beginning to understand that now.”

Sheriff Alastair Carmichael deferred sentence until January for Dorian to engage with social workers.

He said: “The way you behaved puts you in the territory for a custodial sentence and released him on bail meantime.

“The question is of other options are available or not.

“The way you behave over this next six weeks will influence my final decision.

“This is a test for you.”