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May 2004

Girl, 12, raped three times

The rape of a 12-year-old schoolgirl in public toilets in Risca was “the most horrendous sexual assault – one of the worst in Gwent”, said the police officer who led the investigation.

After the hearing, Detective Superintendent Ray Wise said: “The girl called into the public toilet on the way home from school, where she was put in fear of her life, gagged and raped.

“James Borrelli (the rapist) told police he actually went out of his house armed with tape with the intention of attacking a vulnerable victim. “We dealt with this as a possible serial rape and looked for links with other areas.”

He praised an investigation team of more than 40 officers who worked tirelessly to make arrests just seven days after the offence occurred.

He said: “There was pressure on the investigation as we believed there was a distinct possibility that there would be re-offending in the near future.

“I have never felt such emotion in an incident room as when we got these two.”

Det Supt Wise said national policing resources were called upon, including a behavioural profiler, the Forensic Science Service and the National Crime Faculty.

He said the number of people responding to the appeals in the Argus was superb.

Newport crown court was told James Borrelli, 21, admitted raping the girl on her way home from school after he had a row with his gay lover, Michael Walsh, 51, both of Tredegar Street, Risca, on December 11.

Jennet Treharne, prosecuting, told Newport crown court yesterday that Borrelli had gone to Tredegar Park, Risca, to “cool down” and saw the girl, who was on her way home from school, entering the public toilets.

The girl came out of a cubicle to find Borrelli standing nearby and she became frightened.

He grabbed her and put some white tape over her mouth which came off when she screamed. Borrelli then pulled her back into a cubicle where he sexually assaulted and raped her.

Shortly afterwards he raped her twice outside the cubicle before she made her escape.

She said: “The girl was extremely upset and was crying and he could see that. She was asking him to stop and he told her to shut up or he would kill her.”

Ms Treharne said the girl had not received counselling but would be offered that service.

The girl had been outgoing, but now found it hard to socialise and sleep at night, Ms Treharne said.

The court had heard that forensic officers established a DNA profile from items left at the scene and matched it with Borrelli.

Borrelli is due to be sentenced for rape on a date yet to be set alongside co-defendant Walsh, who pleaded guilty to perverting the course of justice.

Borrelli admitted rape of a female under 16.

Walsh admitted perverting the course of justice. He had given Borrelli a false alibi and told officers he did not know anyone fitting his description.