Timothy Sopp – Swindon

November 2009

Special policeman’s jail term increased for child sexual abuse images

A special policeman who sexually abused three boys has had his jail term increased after he admitted having child abuse images stored on his computer.

Timothy Sopp, 31, had thousands of indecent images of children stored on his machine, which was searched after he was arrested for molesting the youngsters.

Sopp was sentenced to a four-year jail term in August for the offences against the boys and was told he would also be subject to a four-year extended licence.

But Judge William Hart, sitting at Swindon Crown Court, added another four months to the custodial part of the former volunteer policeman’s sentence after the child porn was found.

Sopp, formerly of Sigerson Road, Haydon Wick, admitted to 10 counts of making indecent photographs of children and one of possession.

The offences, which relate to the 4,765 images found on his computer, took place between the end of November 2005 and April this year.

Alex Daymond, defending, said if the offences were being sentenced in isolation they would attract a sentence from one to three years after a trial.

He urged the court to consider the totality of any prison time added to the current four-year sentence Sopp was on.

Passing sentence the judge said he would have imposed an eight-month sentence after a guilty plea but halved it because of the other sentences.

Sopp sexually abused three young brothers starting when the youngsters was just six years old.

The court heard he attached himself to the family, babysitting to give their mother a break following the collapse of her marriage.

Sopp used to claim to be helping the mother by looking after the children on Friday nights at his home when he in reality he was abusing them.

He would rent games for them to play on his X-Box games console and would get in food he knew they liked and would indecently touch them while they played the computer games.

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