June 2018

Vile paedo who raped two girls in Edinburgh

A child rapist who was deported from the US to face justice has been jailed for nine years.

High risk sex offender Colin Notman attacked two girls at houses in Edinburgh and raped one of them twice on a single day.

The 27-year-old also returned to attack the second victim at her home after earlier subjecting her to a rape ordeal but fled when a woman arrived on the scene.

Notman, a prisoner in Saughton jail, admitted committing two offences of rape and a sexual assault and failing to appear at a scheduled High Court hearing.

A judge told Notman at the High Court in Edinburgh: “You have robbed both children of their childhoods and caused lasting damage.”

Lady Scott said: “These young children will have to rebuild their lives.”

The judge added: “Your failure to appear caused considerable delay and associated distress to victims.”

Lady Scott said Notman had committed four serious sex attacks and a background report on him suggested he was a high risk of reoffending.

She ordered Notman be kept under supervision for a further two years and placed him on the sex offenders register for life.

Lady Scott said she took account of his “relatively young age” and his remorse and recognition that his conduct had caused serious harm.

Notman failed to turn up for a court hearing on February 9 last year, after he was earlier granted bail at Edinburgh Sheriff Court, and a warrant was issued for his arrest.

It was later discovered he had been arrested by police in the US and he was deported and detained by Scottish officers on his arrival at Edinburgh Airport on January 23 this year.

Notman’s first act took place between January 1 and July 23 in 2013 when he attacked a ten-year-old at a house in the city after joining her and other children playing hide and seek.

He took the girl to an attic bedroom and raped her.

Later the same day he repeated the crime by pinning her to the floor by her wrists and raping her again.

Notman’s second victim was first attacked at his former address in Broomhouse between October 1 and December 31 when the 13-year-old was a visitor.

Unemployed Notman later attacked the girl for a second time on March 10 in 2016 at a different house but a woman walked in on his sex attack and he pulled up his trousers and fled.

He was later detained by police at a house in the city’s Gorgie area and forensic evidence linked him to the sex assault on the second girl.