June 2018

Voyeur who filmed woman on the toilet and had a collection of indecent images of children tries to get his jail term cut

A promising Cheltenham cyclist turned voyeur has failed to convince top judges to cut his jail term.

Edward Parker, 30, of Pittville Circus, was handed a three-year jail term at Bristol Crown Court on January 5.

He admitted 12 counts of voyeurism, three of making indecent images of children and one of possessing a prohibited image.

Computer equipment was seized during a police raid on Parker’s home, Mr Justice William Davis told London’s Appeal Court on Friday.

Officers found 836 indecent images of children, including 207 in the very worst category of obscenity.

These were of an ‘extreme nature’, featuring children as young as four, and had been downloaded from well-known child abuse sites.

A large number of encrypted files containing ‘voyeurism movies’ were also found, said the judge.

There were 27 such movies, organised into folders, depicting six different young women.

The secretly-filmed footage showed the victims using the toilet, undressing and taking showers.

One victim said in a statement that, having to watch Parker’s footage of her at a police station, was ‘quite possibly one of the hardest days of my life’.

Another said: ‘I no longer feel like I have any privacy, even in my home’.

The judge who jailed Parker said the indecent images showed ‘very young children subjected to the most appalling sexual abuse’.

They demonstrated a ‘deeply entrenched sexual interest in children’, he added.

Parker was a young man of previous good character who had achieved ‘considerable academic success’ and had a ‘very good job’, said Mr Justice Davis today.

Before going into custody, he voluntarily completed a treatment programme with the Lucy Faithfull Foundation.

A psychiatric report referred to the ‘cataclysmic loss’ of Parker’s career prospects as an international cyclist because of a viral illness suffered in his teenage years.