October 2014

Drug fuelled intruder climbed into teen’s bed

A drug fuelled man got into bed with a teenage girl after letting himself into her house through an insecure door.

Burnley Crown Court heard the terrified victim thought Joel Wroe was going to rape her and asked him to leave “around 20 times”.

Wroe, 24, of Dale Street, Bacup, was jailed for 34 months after pleading guilty to trespassing with intent to commit a sexual offence and sexual activity involving a child.

Stephen Parker, prosecuting, said Wroe at first sat at the side of the bed, then got under the duvet covers and put his hand on her over her clothing.

Mr Parker said: “She thought he was going to rape her.

“He was in bed with her for about 15 minutes. She was repeatedly telling him to leave but he wouldn’t.”

The court heard how Wroe kept telling the victim ‘come on, come on’ and when she shoved him he left the house saying ‘oh right whatever’.

Mr Parker said that Wroe had taken cocaine and drunk alcohol before the incident which happened in the early hours of the morning earlier this year.

Wroe was also given a five-year sexual offences prevention order.