May 2018

Former Rugby Labour Cllr and teacher uploaded pictures of children to website used by paedophiles

A former Rugby Labour Cllr and teacher has been banned from teaching after posting pictures of children as young as three on a Russian website used by paedophiles.

Steven Birkett took images from social media to upload to the foreign site.

Explicit images of children are uploaded to the website, alongside pictures of boys and girls in school uniforms.

Birkett was the Cllr for New Bilton between 2012 and 2017 – he posted the photos of children between 2007 and 2017.

He labelled the folders containing the images ‘Cute 3/4 yo’, ‘Little Cuties’ and ‘Cute [girl’s name] 8yo’.

Birkett was detained by Northamptonshire Police in 2016 but no further action was taken.

Birkett was suspended from his day job as a history teacher at Chenderit school, in Middleton Cheney, Oxon, but resigned before an investigation could be concluded. Last week he was indefinitely banned from teaching.

The Teaching Regulation Agency (TRA) said Birkett set up his website account using an email address containing a schoolboy’s name.

Panel chair Tony James said: “He uploaded photographs of children to a website that he knew was frequented by people with a sexual interest in children.”

The Rugby Labour chairman when Birkett was a Cllr, Alan Webb, last week said: “Nobody had a clue. He said he was leaving to move to Lancashire – I believe he got a job in Manchester. This is news to me.”

He added: “We are shocked and appalled to hear this news. It is deeply worrying that behaviour like this is often hidden from even people’s closest friends.