May 2018

Jail for woman who neglected child

A woman who did nothing to protect a child from being abused has been jailed.

Monika Rudaityte, 27, of Badgeney Road, March pleaded guilty to neglect and was sentenced at Peterborough Crown Court today to four years and nine months (29 May).

Rudaityte was in the house when an 18-month-old girl was punched in the face by 29-year-old Deividas Subacius in September last year.

The toddler had significant swelling and bruising to her right eye. An examination by doctors also revealed she had eight healed fractures including to her femur, wrist, collar bone and ribs.

He then sent the video to the child’s grandparents via a text message and demanded they hand over £130 or he would continue to harm the child.

The child’s grandparents immediately called the police and Subacius was arrested.

Police seized Subacius’ phone which contained the video and texts demanding money and threatening to cause further harm.

Subacius received two years for actual bodily harm, two years for blackmail and nine years for grievous bodily harm.