May 2018

Sex offender slapped and squeezed girl’s bottom

A sex offender who molested a series of girls has started a prison sentence.

Scott Kitching, 21, sexually assaulted two pre-teenage girls by pulling down their trousers or leggings.

He repeatedly sexually assaulted a young woman by slapping or squeezing her bottom and touching her private parts over her clothing.

She warned him to stop but he continued until she punched him in the face, Teesside Crown Court heard.

He later denied groping her, and claimed she came on to him and kissed him and he told her to stop.

He tried to blame the victims when he was arrested and interviewed, but later pleaded guilty to these sexual assaults.

Prosecutor Paul Cleasby told how Kitching went on to grab and touch another teenage girl several times.

He groped her the day after he was bailed for the earlier sex crimes.

He denied these six sexual assaults but was convicted by magistrates.

Judge Simon Bourne-Arton QC, the Recorder of Middlesbrough told Kitching: “You have expressed a singular lack of appreciation of that which you have done.

“And you continue to blame, to some extent, your victims.

“You’re minimising at every turn your own offending and your own prurient interest in young girls and your sexual interest generally.

“It’s the number of victims that are involved and the persistence and your attitude to your offending that has caused me the greatest concern.”

Kitching, of Poplar View, Hartlepool, was jailed for 16 months.

He was given a sexual harm prevention order restricting his contact with under-16s and will be on the sex offenders’ register, both for 10 years.