May 2018

Clacton voyeur filmed girl in bathroom

A man caught filming an 11-year-old girl in a bathroom also had a bestiality image in his possession.

Matthew Creese, 33, was handed a six-month suspended sentence for two years yesterday (Friday, May 25), at Chelmsford Crown Court.

His young victim was in a bathroom in Clacton preparing to take a shower when she noticed a phone belonging to the defendant hidden behind a plant pot.

She discovered the phone was video recording and, horrified, she deleted the footage immediately.

Prosecuting, Kate Davey said: “What remains on that phone is a clip of him setting the mobile phone up in the position that could record the lavatory area.

“When the girl found the phone she was extremely upset. She deleted the footage and quickly alerted her parents.

“This is a case of voyeurism on a young girl.”

Creese fled the scene but was later arrested.

In interview, he said he did not intent to film his young victim.

Ms Davey said: “He denied this matter up to the date of trial.

“In his interview he said he had not been filming her deliberately and there was no sexual intention.”

Creese, of Clough Road, Spalding, said he would often film himself in the bathroom to send to his brother as a joke.

Analysis of the phone found disturbing images, including one extreme photo of a dog.

Ms Davey said: “A couple of other matters emerged. The extreme image was a sexual interaction with a labrador.

“The other not on the indictment but of concern is a series of clips in various large shops such as B&Q and supermarkets and what he seems to be doing is holding the phone surreptitiously and films women aged between about 18 to 30, at a guess, from behind.

“He zooms in on their buttock area. He selects women wearing tight jeans.”

Having admitted the offences, Creese apologised to the victim and her family.

In addition to the suspended sentence, Creese must pay £1,200 in costs and will be on the Sex Offenders’ Register for seven years.