May 2018

Monster who sexually abused five kids may die in prison after being jailed for 29 years

A paedophile who sexually abused five children has been jailed for so long that he may die in prison.

Vile David Moseley left the girls and boys “haunted” after subjecting them to cruel and degrading abuse in south Leeds in the 70s and 80s.

And in 2015, he downloaded nearly 4,000 images of child porn.

Now, the 59-year-old has been brought to justice after a jury at Leeds Crown Court found him guilty of 24 historic sex offences, including two of rape.

He was jailed for 29 years today and he will not be eligible for release until he is aged 78.

The court heard his victims, who are now adults, suffer from mental health problems, including depression, anxiety and PTSD. Some of them feel like they are beyond the help of counselling.

Prosecutor Mark McKone read statements on behalf of the victims to the court.

One statement read: “I have suffered depression all my life. I have felt dirty for years.

“I carried on in the hope that justice would be done and this monster would be dealt with.”

Another victim said: “He has robbed me of my life, my confidence, my innocence, my trust and my self esteem.

“For forty years he has been walking around with no consequences for his actions.”

Moseley sat in the dock of the court shaking his head as the victim statements were read to the court.

Judge Christopher Batty told Moseley’s barrister, Camille Morland: “While the impact of these terrible crimes were being brought in to the public domain… he managed to shake his head in disbelief and criticise the victim impact statements.

“He is not only showing no remorse but not compassion. I saw him at every stage and frankly I was sickened by it.”

After a two-week trial, Moseley was found guilty of ten counts of indecent assault, eight counts of indecency with a child, three counts of indecency with a male, two counts of rape and one count of buggery.

He had previously pleaded guilty to three counts of making indecent still and moving images of children.

During the trial, victims described how Moseley would also subject them to physical assaults and threaten to harm their relatives if they told anyone about the abuse.

He was given a 35-year extended sentence with a custodial term of 29 years, two-thirds of which must be spent in custody.

He must serve a further six year period on licence.

Moseley was told he he would only be released from prison if the parole board no longer considered him a danger to the public.

Judge Batty told him: “You are a cowardly bully and a paedophile.

“You have no shame, no compassion, no remorse.

“You robbed them of their childhoods. You damaged their lives forever.”

Several times, brazen Moseley, who most recently lived in Allen Croft in Birkenshaw, Bradford, interrupted the judge and he had to be told: “This is not a conversation.”

Moseley whistled or hummed a tune as he was sent down.