May 2018

Worcester rapist Lee Collins jailed for eight years

A sex offender branded ‘a risk to women’ has been jailed for rape and violent behaviour which drove his victim to the brink of suicide.

Lee Collins was found guilty of rape and harassment which put a person in fear of violence at Worcester Crown Court today.

The jury of seven men and five women took four hours and 26 minutes to finish their deliberations, convicting him by majority decision (10 to 2) of rape and by unanimous decision of putting a person in fear of violence.

He was acquitted of a further rape. The 31-year-old of Tunnel Hill, Worcester, was jailed for eight years by judge Jim Tindal.

The case was prosecuted by Michael Hall. Collins was represented by Jason Aris.

During the trial the victim wept as she gave evidence behind a screen, describing how she thought about taking her own life and was forced to leave her home because of what Collins had done to her. At one point she went to a railway line but decided not to end her life when she thought of her children.

The jury also heard about the defendant’s previous convictions which included harassment, making two indecent images of a 14-year-old girl in his mid 20s and bringing knuckledusters and cocaine to an FA Cup game between Worcester City and Sheffield United on November 7, 2015.

Judge Tindal described Collins as a man who used ‘violence and threats of violence and harassment’ to impose his will on women.

He added: “You are someone who likes to be in control and isn’t reluctant to use violence to enforce that control.

“You are plainly, as things stand, a risk to women.

“It does not surprise me to hear you say through Mr Aris that you’re going to keep away from women for a while.

“Frankly, that is an extremely good idea. But you’re not going to have the opportunity to have contact with any women for a while because of what you’ve done.”

The judge said the offences were aggravated by previous violence towards the victim and a background of harassment of women.

The judge jailed him for eight years for the rape and a further 12 months (to be served concurrently) for harassment putting someone in fear of violence. Time spent on remand since he was arrested in November last year will count towards his sentence.

Collins was told he could expect to serve up to four years in custody. He will be subject to a restraining order until further order in relation to the victim. His conviction means he will be barred from working with children or vulnerable adults.

Collins will be on the sex offenders register for life. The judge warned Collins: “If you come before this court again, you will go to prison for an extremely long time.”

May 2018

Worcester rape suspect Lee Collins had indecent photos of girl, 14

A man accused of rape was already a registered sex offender after being found with indecent photos of a 14-year-old girl, a court heard.

Lee Collins, 31, of Tunnel Hill, Worcester, denies two counts of rape and one of putting a person in fear of violence at his ongoing trial at Worcester Crown Court.

The jury heard yesterday how Collins had previously been to prison and was on the sex offender register after he was found with two indecent images of a child on his mobile phone.

Michael Hall, prosecuting, called the alleged rape victim’s mother, brother and best friend to give evidence. They have not been named to protect her identity.

Collins was confronted by members of the alleged victim’s family about his behaviour and her brother called him ‘a nonce’, the court heard.

Collins was said to have produced a ‘police cosh’ when challenged although the defendant disputes this. Jason Aris, for Collins, called this a lie.

The alleged victim’s mother said: “She became very withdrawn and thin. She stopped talking. She seemed like a frightened little girl.

“She was a shell of the person she used to be. She wasn’t my daughter. She wasn’t someone I recognised.”

The victim’s mother wept as she said how her daughter told her she had been to the railway line. When the alleged victim gave evidence the previous day she described how she had thoughts of taking her own life because of what the defendant had done to her.

The jury heard how Collins gave a ‘no comment’ first interview to police after his arrest but in a later interview claimed the sex between the two had been consensual.

He denied twice pulling off the victim’s trousers and forcing himself on her.

The defendant’s previous convictions include harassment (April 15, 2008), harassment causing fear of violence (April 13, 2011) and perverting the course of justice (October 2009).

Collins also has a conviction for failing to provide a sample during a test to establish whether there were class A drugs in his body.

The trial continues.