Update: Sentenced to three years on the sex offenders register with supervision, 250 hours of unpaid work

McKeeman has now cut his hair short and is living in Bourtreehill, Irvine

May 2018

Convicted paedophile left ex-partner in maternity ward to go view indecent images of children

The ex-partner of a man this week placed on the sex offenders’ register has told how he left her in the maternity ward to go view indecent images of children.

Alistair McKeeman of Birks Hill Irvine pleaded guilty this week to charges of watching and downloading images depicting the sexual abuse of young children at his Kilmarnock home between 2010 and 2017.

Kilmarnock Sheriff Court heard on Monday how he did it while his newborn son was at home.

His partner of five years has told how he even left her as she struggled through a six-day birth to go home and view the degrading images.

Now the woman wants to make it “abundantly clear” that she has nothing to do with the pervert.

Hazel, who has been forced to flee from Kilmarnock to get away from McKeeman and his family, told how her life has been turned upside down since finding the sicko’s twisted computer search history.

She said: “When it all came out, it was like watching your partner die and a monster taking over then telling you all this horrible stuff.

“I had to give up everything at once. My home, my job, my friends. I had to drop everything at once to get out of that situation.

“I’ve been left with post traumatic stress disorder and anxiety.

“He was constantly getting in touch, telling me I was his ‘bitter sweet accident’, and I had to file for an interdict against him.”

McKeeman’s disgusting preferences came to light when Hazel stumbled across search terms that she didn’t think were normal.

Stuggling to comprehend what was unfolding in front of her, Hazel’s mind turned to the worst possible outcome and she feared their six-month-old son may have been harmed.

The 26-year-old said: “I called him and asked him what this was and what was going on. He said he was at work and would be home soon to talk about it. It took him two hours to get home and he said, ‘Right, are you going to show me what this is all about’. He was really confrontational.

“I told him what I had found and asked him straight out if he watched child porn and he said ‘yes’.

“He had a really strange attitude about the whole thing. I asked if he had ever hurt our son. He said no, that he ‘wasn’t into toddlers, just early teens and jail bait’.

“He didn’t seem to think there was any problem.”

The couple had been together for five years after being introduced to each other by a friend. At first it was like any other 21-year-old’s relationship.

But after a while, it was clear McKeeman was controlling, manipulative and on a different wavelength.

“It was great to begin with,” Hazel said from a new home.

“He was charming, a total gentleman.

“We had been together for a year when we got our own place and that’s when things started to get a bit sour.

“He was inappropriate with other girls and was always on webcams talking to women.

“ He had someone in America that he would chat with.

“When I asked him about it he tried to convince me that I was being irrational and untrusting.

“He told me I was in the wrong and tried to get me to have counselling for my insecurities – and I started to believe him.”

However, the picture of a complete family was on the horizon with the pair planning for a baby. Hazel became pregnant and they moved from their Sinclair Court flat in Kilmarnock to a family home on Ashdale Road in the town.

The pair even started up McKeeman’s business together, Ayrshire Window Cleaning.

It was a normal, loving relationship and Hazel didn’t suspect a thing.

But the level of McKeeman’s depravity unfolded quickly once he was confronted.

An emotional Hazel said: “When I found out what he had been up to I asked him when he had been doing it. He replied, ‘When you’re out, or at night’.

“He used to get up in the middle of the night to look at it when I was asleep.

“I was in labour for six days and mum came in a couple of times to let him go home for some rest. I asked him if he had done it when I was in the hospital and he said ‘yes’.

“When our son was three months old, he started asking me to get pregnant again and said he was ‘desperate for a wee girl’.

“Looking at it now, I’m suspicious as to why he would want me to get pregnant again so quickly and his motives behind why he wanted a girl so much.”

Such was their concern surrounding McKeeman, police had to check that Hazel was not involved or aware of his behaviour and that she was a fit parent for her son.

And the nightmare continued with her son having to be checked for signs of abuse as well.

Officers then sifted through family pictures of her son, cross-referencing those with a database to make sure he was not a victim or whether he had been implicated in any child pornography.

McKeeman will return to court in June for sentencing.