May 2018

Pervert Wolverhampton pensioner has prison term cut

A pensioner who was jailed for sex offences against a young girl more than 30 years ago has had his sentence cut by senior judges

Garry Scott Cox, aged 65, of Birmingham Road, Wolverhampton subjected the young girl to two separate serious attacks.

The offences did not come to light until many years later, when Cox was arrested by police and denied any wrongdoing.

He was convicted of three counts of indecent assault and jailed for 12 years at Wolverhampton Crown Court in April last year 

But top judges in London have ruled he had been too harshly punished and slashed his prison term to nine years on Friday.

Mr Justice Jeremy Baker said Cox had been punished excessively for the first of the two incidents when the crown court judge passed consecutive sentences.

The Court of Appeal heard that the first incident, for which he was charged with two offences, had involved Cox molesting the girl and inappropriate touching.

The second involved him rubbing himself against her. In a victim impact statement, the woman told the court of the severe impact of the crimes on her youth and adult life.

Lawyers for Cox argued it was wrong for the judge to have passed consecutive sentences for the first incident.

Cutting the overall sentence Cox will serve, Mr Justice Baker said: “We consider it justified a custodial period of nine years.”

A one-year extended licence will remain in place.