April 2018

Pervert sentenced for online sexual offences 

A pervert who was staying in the UK illegally has been jailed after he was caught grooming a child online by paedophile hunters 

Aman Dup Singh who was living in London appeared in court where he was sentenced for sexual communication with a child and immigration offences

The court was told that Singh contacted a profile of a young girl on a dating social media site and sent sexually explicit chat.

Singh arranged to meet the child but was confronted by online child protection team ‘Justice for Tears’ who explained that he had infact been speaking to a decoy from paedophile hunting team ‘The Force’

Singh admitted he had three condoms in his pockets, and that he was intending to engage in sexual activity with the child he believed he was talking to.

An investigation by police later found Singh had in his possession three different fake passports 

Singh was sentenced to 18 months in prison for the sexual communication with a child offence and a further four and half years for staying in the UK illegally

Singh was told that he would be deported after serving his sentence