April 2018

Pervert convicted of grooming a child is deported

A pervert who was living in the UK illegally has been deported after he was convicted of grooming a girl online

Abdullah of Qatar but who was living in the London area was charged with an offence of arranging to meet a female child following sexual grooming and a charge of sexual communication with a child.

The court was told that the pervert had contacted the profile of what he believed was a 14 year old girl. He immediately sent highly sexually explicit chat and a number of naked images and videos of himself 

The predator arranged a meet, but was shocked when he was confronted by online child protection team ‘The Guardian Angels’ outside the Hilton Hotel in Park Lane.

The team explained who they were and told him that they had in-fact been speaking to one of the decoys from paedophile hunting team ‘The Force’ who was posing online as a child.

The judge told Abdullah that he would be deported immediately from the UK to ‘save tax payers money’