May 2018

Pool pervert found guilty of exposing himself to young children

A man has been convicted of exposing himself to three young children in a Whitehaven swimming pool changing room.

Carlisle Crown Court heard how a male member of the public went to use Copeland Pool, on September 24 last year, with the pre-teen youngsters.

While changing afterwards he saw stranger James William Watson clutching a towel to his chest.

The man went towards the lockers but on turning around saw Watson, 33, had opened the towel with his arms outstretched, exposing his genitalia.

The court heard Watson was stood “for all the world to see” – including the children.

Said to be “angry”, the man reported the matter to staff. He provided a “pitch perfect” description of Watson, who was subsequently arrested but denied any wrongdoing.

He pleaded not guilty to exposure but was today convicted of the crime, unanimously, by a jury following a trial.

Jurors heard Watson received a police caution, in 2014, after being seen naked from an upstairs window with his body exposed by a female with her young son.

Judge James Adkin adjourned the case and granted bail to Watson, of Fleswick Avenue, Whitehaven, who must now sign the sex offenders’ register.

Sentence will be passed on June 4, Judge Adkin telling Watson that “all options” would be open.