April 2018

Primary school teacher admitted child sexual abuse images offences

A teacher and former cathedral musical director received a suspended prison sentence after he admitted child sexual abuse images offences.

Sixty-year-old Richard William Chivers, of Broughton Hall Road in Broughton, was arrested at his home in September last year when he was employed as the director of music at Wrexham Cathedral.

He also worked part-time through an agency as a teacher at a primary school in Chester.

Police found a total of 3.6 million images but only a small number had been categorised by the police

He received a 26 week prison sentence suspended for two years, 40 days rehabilitation and he was sent on a probation service course aimed at challenging his behaviour.

The community order was transferred to the West Mercia area after the court was told that he was leaving Flintshire and was moving to Shropshire.

A seven year sexual harm prevention order was made and he was ordered to register with the police as a sex offender for seven years.

Police searched his home in September of last year following intelligence that indecent images had been downloaded at the address.

Interviewed, he said he was heterosexual who had never formed a relationship who had attempted to fill a void in his life by becoming an obsessive collector of images of boys.

Some were in underwear, others were naked in a naturists’ way and any acts only involved themselves, not third parties.

He found it difficult to explain his motivation and claimed he viewed the boys from a paternal viewpoint, although he accepted there was a sexual element to it and that he had files some images under KP, which he said was kiddie porn.

It had become an obsession, he said, and it felt like an addiction which had blighted his life.

Police examined the devices and he admitted that between June 2010 and September last year he made four indecent images and four indecent movies of children at the worst category A.