April 2018

Paedophile spared jail

A paedophile who caused a 12-year-old girl to self harm after he sexually assaulted her has been spared jail by a judge who unbelievably said he suffered a ‘moment of madness’.

Kevin Ryan, 64, groped the schoolgirl as she watched TV in the living room after visiting his home.

The former businessman (pictured above) shoved his hand into her underwear and only stopped when she replied that she did not like what he was doing.

Ryan, of Nuneaton, Warwickshire, was found guilty following a trial at Warwick Crown Court.

He was sentenced to two years in prison suspended for two years and ordered to register as a sex offender for ten years.

But he was spared jail when a judge heard his wife had lost her job at the school where she worked and described Ryan as a ‘caring, family man’.

Judge Sylvia de Bertodano said: ‘It was a moment of madness.’

She added: ‘It lasted a very short period of time. You asked her if she wanted you to stop and she said “yes”, and you did so.’

The court heard that Ryan assaulted the victim when she was at his home in 2016.

Prosecutor Stefan Kolodynski said Ryan asked the girl if she was going to tell anyone what had happened, and she said she was not.

But back at their own home, her mother noticed a change in her behaviour and that she was crying in her room.

Mr Kolodynski added: ‘It was not until a few days later that, while they were out shopping, the girl said she wanted to tell her something.

‘She revealed that Ryan had “done naughty things” to her, and described what had taken place.’

The court heard the girl’s mother says the incident has had a severe effect on her personality, and that there has been ‘significant self-harm’.