July 2011

Teenager jailed for raping 16-year-old girl twice in Dufftown

A teenager who raped a 16-year-old girl after meeting her for the first time has been locked up for five years.

The High Court in Aberdeen previously heard Andrew Ewen was 15 when he carried out the sex attacks on the victim, who he raped twice.

Ewen, now 17, sexually assaulted her at a grassed area in Dufftown and pushed her to the ground.

He pulled down her shorts, tights and pants and pinned her to the ground during the attack on July 25, 2009 where he raped her twice. He also forced her to carry out a sex act.

Ewen had denied raping the teenager and maintained it was consensual, but was found guilty of the sex crime.

Sentencing Ewen at the High Court in Edinburgh Lord Pentland said: “You must understand that the jury convicted you of a very serious offence involving the repeated rape of a young woman whom you had met for the first time on the day of the crime.”

The judge added it was clear from the victim’s evidence that she made it plain to him she did not want to have sex with him.

“You showed no respect for her wishes or indeed her as a person,” the judge added.

Lord Pentland said it was also troubling Ewen, whose address was given in court papers as High Street, Rothes, appeared to have “a limited appreciation” of the harm he had caused.

The judge said he took account of Ewen’s immaturity but the court had a responsibility to reflect society’s “abhorrence” at the crime of rape.

Ewen was also placed on the sex offenders’ register.