Update: Sentenced to two & half years. McCay was disqualified from working with children and was placed on the sex offenders register

August 2007

Sex case father convicted

A father-of-four found with a 12-year-old girl in a car with the seats reclined was yesterday convicted of grooming.

Police became suspicious when they saw Ian McCay’s Mercedes in a lay-by with the seats reclined.

Inside they found McCay, 39, a chauffeur, with the girl.

Hidden in an A-Z guide was a love letter from the girl.

Investigations show that over 43 days before his arrest on July 7 last year

McCay, of East Grove, Rushden, sent her 3,988 text messages and she sent him 3,892 – an average of more than 90 each a day.

Andrew Howarth, prosecuting, said McCay sent the girl a love letter. It began: “Ever since I met you I have been in another world. I have fallen in love with you. We have three years to wait until we get together.”

McCay, now 40, was convicted by a jury at Luton Crown Court of meeting a child following sexual grooming.