Update: Received 12 months suspended. Sex offenders register for five years

January 2018

Convicted pervert re-offends 

Colin Michael Patch, Lowbrook, Rockbeare, Exeter. Age: 68.

Being a person aged 18 or over, for the purpose of obtaining sexual gratification, intentionally engaged in a sexual activity knowing or believing that children were, or intending that children should be, aware that were engaging in that activity.

Plea: Guilty. Remanded on bail until 22/01/2018 for pre-sentence report.

December 2012

Office worker given ASBO for ‘pleasuring himself’ sixty times behind female colleague

An office worker has been given an ASBO after he was caught on camera regularly ‘pleasuring himself’ behind a colleague he fancied.

Colin Patch, 63, would creep up behind the female worker on his tea breaks and ‘touch himself’ – sometimes for up to 30 minutes, a court heard.

But his victim became suspicious of his actions and set up a webcam in the office at the firm, it was said.

Patch, of Rockbeare, Devon, was filmed pleasuring himself behind the lady as she sat at her desk working.

He touched himself on at least 60 different occasions because he was attracted to her, Exeter Magistrates Court was told.

The court heard anyone could have walked into the office reception area at the company and seen him – or spotted him through a window.

Patch was given an ASBO banning him from ‘making any sexual gestures or actions in public which you know, or ought to know, will cause alarm, harassment or distress to any person’.

He was also slapped with a five-year Sexual Offences Prevention Order (SOPO) after he admitted one charge of harassing a woman without violence.

Patch was also given a two-year community order with supervision to address his sexual offending and a two-year restraining order banning him from contacting the victim.

Mark Haddow, prosecuting, said Patch had admitted been attracted to his victim.

He also admitted doing the same thing 30 years ago to a previous boss’s wife before he was made redundant from that company.