March 2018

Supervision order after child abuse images find in Innerleithen

An Innerleithen man was found with more than 2,000 indecent images of children on his computer, Jedburgh Sheriff Court has been told.

Clive Boud, 55, pleaded guilty to the offence which happened at his Buchan Place home over an 18 month period up until June 2015.

Police who raided his home found 2,721 still images and 145 videos with 281 of the images being in Category A and the most serious.

Passing sentence Sheriff Derrick McIntyre said:”Possession of these images is a less serious offence to making them. 

“Nonetheless it is a serious offence.

“Each image represents a child being abused.

“The content of some of these images were extreme and the children distressed.”

Sheriff McIntyre said he would follow the recommendation in the Social Work Report of a community based disposal with supervision.

He added:”You are described by your own lawyer as very vulnerable and socially isolated rtarely leaving your accommodation and having serious health problems.

“This precludes you from doing unpaid work. If you were in possession of more category images you would be going to jail.”

Sheriff McIntyre imposed a three year community pay back order with supervision.

In addition he imposed conditions which stated Boud was not allowed access to the Internet without the approval of his supervising officer, any Internet device he owned had to be made available for inspection by social workers and police and he is not allowed contact with a child under 17 without the approval of his supervising officer.

Sheriff McIntyre told him: “This a direct alternative to custody which is where you will be going in the event of a breach of these conditions.”

Boud has also been placed on the Sex offenders register for three years.