February 2018

Loughton man who had a collection of child abuse and bestiality films has avoided jail

A Loughton man who had a collection of child abuse and bestiality films has avoided jail.

Carlos Pacheco, 51, was handed a suspended sentence this afternoon (February 20) of 16 months for four counts of possession of indecent images, with several of children as young as six.

The defendant’s laptop showed he actively searched for “young porn”, “pre-teen models” and “incest porn” on the internet.

Pacheco was arrested at his home on October 30, 2016, after a warrant was executed by Essex Police.

Two devices were seized, a laptop and hard drive.

Prosecuting, David Jones QC said: “There were DVDs found upstairs in a bedroom containing extreme pornographic imagery.

“Images were found on both devices within the search history.

“Analysis led to the discovery of indecent images including movies. The earliest date found on the images was on November 9, 2012.

“Bearing in mind the warrant was executed in 2016, there appears to be an interest in this material for four years.

“There was also some extreme imagery found as well involving bestiality. There had been particular searches conducted for terms like ‘young porn’, ‘pre teen models’ and ‘incest porn’.”

In fact, the term “young porn” was searched for just three days before his arrest.

Movies showing child abuse were found on his laptop depicting an adult male raping a young girl.

“He denied he had been searching for school girls and pre-teens,” said Mr Jones.

“The defendant said he looked at normal pornography approximately once a week.

“He denied he had any interest in extreme or animal pornography. He denied he had intentionally searched for this type of porn.”


He entered a not guilty plea on September 20, 2017, but on January 9, an indication was given that he would be pleading guilty.

“The images were of children of a very young age,” said Mr Jones.

“The youngest appears to be six to eight-years-old but there are children aged eight, nine, 12 and 14 within that.

“It appears they have been viewed over a long period of time.”

Pacheco has no previous convictions.

Judge Emma Peters then gave Pacheco a suspended sentence at Chelmsford Crown Court.

Pacheco has also been placed on the sex offenders register for ten years, and under a Sexual Harm Prevention Order, also for ten years.

He is also required to attend 50 days of rehabilitation requirements, complete 180 hours of unpaid work, and pay £1,500 in costs.