April 2018

Man said he was Justin Bieber lookalike to groom girl for sex

A man has been jailed for five years after he posed as a Justin Bieber lookalike to groom a teenage girl

Tristan Jackman, 50, tried to claim that he set up the fake account to ‘keep an eye’ on the girl.

However, a court heard that the landscape gardener and father-of-two was obsessed with the girl and had been searching for indecent images of underage girls around the same time.

Judge James Wood said: ‘It’s quite clear to me from evidence I the trial that you developed a keen interest in pornography, both legal and illegal.

‘During your evidence and in your police interview you spoke about chatrooms concerning sex and videoing of mutual male masturbation with other men

‘There’s nothing unlawful about that but the records of your internet searches describes an interest in underage sex.

‘I’m in no doubt that you considered that once the victim was over 16 she was fair game sexually for you.’ As he was taken to the cells his wife shouted ‘he’s done nothing wrong’.  

During a week-long trial at Reading Crown Court in March jurors heard Jackman set up the account on 13 July 2015, eight days after the girl’s 16th birthday.

The fake profile purported to be of an 18-year-old man and used pictures that ‘showed him to be not unlike the pop star Justin Bieber’, said the judge.

‘You asked the victim to send photos of herself to him. Through this deception you secured naked pictures of the victim and videos of her performing sexual acts with a vibrator that you gave to her.

‘The images were not recovered but you admitted receiving them.’ Police investigating the account found messages to the victim describing the images as ‘so hot.’

‘At some stage after the creation of the account, the victim confronted you about being the 18-year-old,’ the judge said.

‘And you confessed to her you were the person who was responsible for all his postings.

‘You told her that it was better and safer if she engaged in this sexual play with you rather than boys her own age. You threatened to tell her mother about what you had discovered about other boys if she told her mother what you were doing.’

Jackman assaulted the girl with his fingers and his tongue between February and December 2015.

After the assault, Jackman is said to have texted the girl on the Kick app saying ‘how she had a wonderful vagina, she smelt really good and she was nice and tight’.

Jackman was arrested and interviewed in December 2015.

His devices were seized during a raid in May 2016 revealing the fake Facebook account and messages to the victim.

The gardener insisted he had set up the account to ‘protect’ the victim and claimed during the trial she had ‘made up’ the allegations of sexual assault.

The judge said his account was ‘deceitful’ and that Jackman had lied to the authors of his pre-sentence report when he repeated the claims after conviction.

‘You set up the Facebook account deliberately intending to obtain indecent images of the victim and in the hope you might achieve sexual relations with her as she got older.

‘You deliberately sent her messages that gave a wholly false impression intended to entice her to send sexual material of herself.

‘I find you gave her two vibrators two use in the images and films. I find this act was all intended to groom her.’

Jackman, of Digby Road, Newbury, Berkshire, admitted two counts of possessing category ‘b’ and ‘c’ indecent images and two counts of making category ‘b’ and ‘c’ indecent images.

He denied but was convicted after trial of two counts of sexual assault.

Jackman was jailed for five years and will serve at least half before he is released on license.

He was ordered to sign the Sex Offenders Register and is subject to a Sexual Harm Prevention Order.