February 1998

Pervert sentenced to six months for gross indecency with boy

A Carrickfergus Scoutleader and officer in the Salvation army has been jailed for six months at Manchester Crown Court after he admitted gross indecency with a 13-year-old boy

Kenneth Haggan (32) of Carrickfergus committed the offence at a scout camp in Worsley, Greater Manchester

Judge Michael Sachs told Haggan as he jailed him: “You was in a position of trust as a scoutmaster attending camp. I can see no grounds for dealing with you, other than by imposing an immediate sentence of imprisonment”

Prosecution told the court that Haggan was with a party of scouts at the camp. The offence occurred in his tent.

The offence was investigated in Northern Ireland and Haggan confessed to carrying out indecent acts on the young boy

The court was also told that Haggan also had a part time job as a caretaker at Whitehouse primary school