April 2018

Neyland man jailed over child sex images

A Neyland man who “learned absolutely nothing” after being caught by the police downloading child sex images has been jailed today (Friday) for doing it again.

David Leonard Smith, aged 59, of Kensington Road, had been under a suspended prison sentence when police called at his home to check on his internet activity.

Dean Pulling, prosecuting, told Swansea crown court that he pretended to own only a mobile telephone but officers discovered that an internet router was linked to a Samsung laptop.

Smith refused to accept he had one but a search revealed the computer hidden under a pile of magazines.

As soon as the machine was opened an adult pornography website flashed onto the screen.

A closer examination showed that Smith possessed 13 indecent images of children and nine of extreme pornography involving women and animals.

It was also clear, said Mr Pulling, that Smith had swapped indecent images with another internet user.

Smith admitted possessing and making indecent images, distributing them and breaching a Sexual Harm Prevention Order made when he was sentenced in August, 2016.

Judge Geraint Walters said Smith was “hugely” in denial about what he had been doing and had learned absolutely nothing from his previous court experience.

“There was a fair amount of deviousness involved this time,” he added.

Smith was jailed for 16 months and Judge Walters activated 12 months of the suspended sentence, making 28 months in all.