April 2018

Paedophile from Woking avoids jail for second time after downloading images of children

A paedophile who looked at photos of children on the day he was sentenced for a separate sexual offence has been spared jail again.

Andrew Jinman, 38, from Woking, was handed a three-year community order on Friday (April 13) at Guildford Crown Court for downloading images of children aged 14 or 15 and younger and breaching a sexual harm prevention order that was placed on him last September.

Jinman was sentenced in the same court on September 1 for exposing himself. It was in relation to an incident on April 13, when a member of the public walking with their one-year-old saw the 38-year-old masturbating while looking into a garden nursery where children were playing, Rachel Beckett, prosecuting, said.

He was given a four-month suspended sentence and a sexual harm prevention order. The court heard he breached the order by searching for sexual images of children on the day he was sentenced.

The order prohibits him from downloading or taking any photos of a person under 18, and from accessing the internet without software being installed in his device by the public protection unit.

Ms Beckett said the Woking man was found to have looked at indecent photos after his risk management officer became aware that he had a new Samsung smartphone that was not compatible with the police’s monitoring software.

When asked to hand over his Samsung phone on October 3, Jinman told the officer that he did not use the internet on his phone, Ms Beckett said, but it did not take long for the police to find sexual search terms in relation to young boys.

Along with his three-year community order, Jinman was given a 75-day rehabilitation activity requirement and ordered to pay £85 victim surcharge.

His four-month suspended sentence and sexual harm prevention order will continue.