April 2018

Paedophile hacked into thousands of people’s private home security cameras and secretly recorded their kids undressing

A paedophile managed to gain access to people’s home cameras so he could watch little kids undress and couple’s having sex.

Steven Hankers, 32, of Melyd Avenue in Johnstown, Wrexham was found to have over 4,000 clips he had produced after he had saved them from people’s cameras that he had gained access to without their knowledge.

Through his devious means he was able to watch couple having sex and kids undressing in the UK, Europe and the United States.

Hankers activities fully came to light when cops investigated him over allegations of inciting kids in the UK and Australia to engage in sex acts at his instruction via webcams.

He admitted possessing 122 category A movies – the most serious kind – of kids, 335 category B movies and 41 category C movies, downloading category A, B and C movies, five charges of inciting girls to engage in sexual acts and two charges of voyeurism – secretly recording others doing private acts without their knowledge over their own personal cameras.

Prosecuting barrister Simon Rogers told Mold Crown Court how Hankers was able to gain access to private cameras within dwellings and recorded footage of adults having sex and children undressing.

On his arrest the defendant was found to have access to 16 active cameras in countries all over Europe, in Philadelphia, and in the UK.

He had been able to obtain user names and passwords to the cameras from a web site and a list was recovered by police which showed that he had more than 3,000 IP addresses to different cameras and the passwords.

Hankers saved the recordings in files – one named “bouncing blond” showed a couple having sex in their own home.

A total of 4,000 clips of people in their own homes had been saved.

Hundreds of victims were believed to have been involved in Europe and in Australia where he contacted a girl aged 15.